Pigeon Township Trustees Is Committed To Helping Our Community In Need

Helping Our Community With Immediate Home Resources

907 SE 8th St, Evansville, IN 47713

Pigeon Township Trustees Office

Emergency Resources

Pigeon Township Trustee is a one-stop for all residents in the Pigeon Township that are in need of emergency resources.  We accomodate residents who are experiencing hardship and

What to bring?

We have a list of required documents that you need to bring on your visit. This list will help you maximize our resources and save you time.

Pigeon Township Trustees office provides emergency resources that helps families find a little peace during hard times. Please visit our office to see how we can help.



Committed To Helping Our Community One Family At A Time

Pigeon Township Trustee Office Resources

Help With Shelter

Pigeon Township Trustees can help with resources with rental hardship. Pigeon helps homeowners as well for mortgage emergencies. We can also try to refer you to local shelters as well.


Need some assistance with gas electric, and water services? Bring your last notice to the Pigeon Township Trustees Office and we will do our best to help you.


Diabetics, blood pressure medicine; just to name a few medical conditions, if you need help with medicine your community trustees may can help with emergency assistance.


In the most devastating times of our life, death seem to hit us when we least expected financially. We understand times are hard to take a loss as well as burying a love one. Come visit your trustee office for possible assistance.

Find a Job?

One of our goals is to help our community to be productive in our community. To help sustainability we try to help our residents with resources for labor or work.

Need a Ride?

One of Pigeon's latest programs is for residents that doesn't have transportation. The program provides the Pigeon Township residents with rides to destination per the program requirements.

Food Pantry

Pigeon Township have the opportunity to provide residents with the opportunity to pick up food for the family by going to our food shelter where it has food, hygiene products, and more.


Pigeon Township Trustee Office

Why Visit Your Pigeon Township?

Emergency Resources

Being a one stop to majority of your emergencies needs, is a great place to visit to get the most accomplished in the time of need.

New Township Programs

No worries about being in the office for a long period of time. The service at Pigeon Township is quick, with great quality and customer service.

Impacting Residents Families

Pigeon's Township have plenty of new programs coming in 2020. To stay upon the latest new programs that will benefit our township residents.

Pigeon Township Trustee Office Benefits  are for….


Pigeon Township Trustee Office Staff

Meet The People Who Serves Your Township

Name: La'Chontierria Skinner
Position Held: Intake Specialist
Email: lachontierria.skinner@pigeontownship.org
La'Chontierria Skinner
Intake Specialist
Name: Susan Cravens
Position Held: Case Manager
Email: susan.cravens@pigeontownship.org
Case Manager
Name: William Payne
Position Held: Community Activity Coordinator
Email: william.payne@pigeontownship.org
William Payne
Community Relations Director & Shelter Coordinator
Name: Corsica Fox
Position Held: Chief Financial Officer
Email: corisa.fox@pigeontownship.org
Corsica Fox
Chief Financial Officer
Name: Tameka Watson
Position Held: Case Manager
Email: tameka.watson@pigeontownship.org
Tameka Watson
Case Manager
Name: Mariama Anika Black-Wilson
Position Held: Trustee
Email: mariama.wilson@pigeontownship.org
Mariama Anika Black-Wilson
Pigeon Township Trustee
Name: Jessica Latham
Position Held: Case Manage
Email: jessica.latham@pigeontownship.org
Jessica Wright
United States
Name: Tony Jones
Position Held: Chief Deputy
Email: tony.jones@pigeontownship.org
Tony Jones
Chief Deputy